Together we turn the right idea

into a great brand


Initiate a digital scalable business with the whole world as your market is quite ambitious. We love and admire people with ambitions at Incubator. Our experience and network has proven a good match for start-up companies in pursuit of a profitable business.

“I love being part of the start-up process. To be around a new company that survives the early stage and grow into a solid business with a lot of opportunities is my kind of fun.”

Nikolai KronborgFounder & Chairman


At IncubatorPeople.com you can keep up with the companies we invest our time, money and network in. It could be your company if the chemistry and the level of ambitions is a match.

Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss how you can grow your brand and scale your business. We might end up growing your brand together.

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Nikolai Kronborg

Chairman of the Board

I founded Incubator to grow companies together with passionate entreprenuers. I'm highly motivated by turning a great idea into a prosperous company with a global outreach.

Lasse Øster Jørgensen

Member of the Board

I'm a Copenhagen-based UX Director that love the fact that I get to work with smart people every day, - making creative, user-centered & involving projects for a wide selection of companies.

Kenneth Mørk

Member of the Board

I’m driven by the love of technology, but maintain a holistic understanding of business, technology and communication. My purpose is to tie data & technology with commercial & human insights.

Morten Gad

Member of the Board

I’m a philosopher gone rogue as a brand strategist in a world of digital advertising. I help businesses find and pursue their purpose. I believe that brand equity is built with strong brand assets.

Søren Stemann Beck

Member of the Board

I've been working with advertising & communication strategy for more than 20 years as a CEO. I strive to work with clear strategies and creating best possible foundations to run successfull businesses.

Friends of Incubator

“Joining Incubator has given me more courage, energy and belief in my self and in YOGO. It has become even more fun to be a start up.

Franciska Cortsen

Founder of YOGO

“Incubator helped me stay true to my vision and helped focus on the goal and how to get there. The support is qualified as they provide you insightful knowledge based on years of experience driven by pure passion to help you succeed”

Sofie Annikki Dralle

Founder of StopMyCraving

“Incubator nailed my Why, How, What very fast providing acceleration to my Start-Up. “

Nikolaj Boe

Founder of The Right People

Incubator Partner
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